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Author: Brett Larson

Nov. 28, 2018

Worth the Drive

This week on "Worth the Drive" we are looking at Bernie's Fine Meats! Bernie's is a local gem located downtown Port Washington that has some of the best meat and cheese you will ever have.

Bernie's Fine Meats opened in May of 1941. This shop is the lone survivor of a day when there were eight or nine butcher shops in Port Washington, as well as more than a dozen neighborhood grocery stores. Bernie's outlasted them all because of their well-known sausage recipes that are used to this day.

Today, Bernie's Fine Meats is well known throughout the Great Lakes area. They have amazing bacon, sausage, brats, steaks, chicken, and cheese. They also have a great selection of beer, wine, and other miscellaneous food items. One loyal customer I spoke with referred to Bernie's bacon as "Holiday Bacon" because he said that it is the best he has ever had and is a holiday staple in his household. Looking for food for your next holiday party? Look no further! Bernies has you covered! Also, they have a variety of "Holiday Gift Boxes" that are sure to bring joy to any recipient. So head on down to Bernie's, located on North Franklin street downtown Port Washington. This is one shop that is guaranteed to be Worth the Drive!