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Author: Tom Mlada, Mayor
Source: City of Port Washington

June 2, 2015

The City of Port Washington and Discovery World Science & Technology Center have finalized an agreement which ensures the S/V Denis Sullivan tall ship will be spending some weekend days in the city’s harbor – the only in Ozaukee County – this summer.

The agreement for Summer 2015 involves the S/V Denis Sullivan visiting the City of Port Washington from June 25-29, July 4-5, and August 21-23, with additional dates in early September also a possibility. Daily deck tours will be offered, as will numerous sail opportunities for the public, including one the night of July 4th during the city’s fireworks show.

For a full listing of sail opportunities out of Port Washington and to reserve a seat, individuals can book online via the Discovery World website at: Special “Family Package” rates are also available for certain sails; to purchase or learn more, please call Reservations at (414) 765-8625.

“In the short-term, this provides a direct economic impact within our community through activating lakefront activities for visitors and residents alike,” said City of Port Washington Mayor Tom Mlada. “And from an educational perspective, this is a unique way to engage students, instructional staff, school leaders, and families in a hands-on, real-life outdoor classroom experience that imparts relevant knowledge of and celebrates our maritime history and culture.”

According to Mlada, that is a very important part of the city’s identity as a proud coastal community, and a focus of ongoing city branding and collaborative strategic marketing efforts aimed at driving additional earned media value for both the city and county.

“Over the longer-term, this represents an historic opportunity to build on this relationship to benefit residents of our City, our County and neighboring Counties, and also positively impact Discovery World as an organization,” Mlada stated. “For us as city, it is truly an investment and presents some incredible opportunities to generate additional tourism value, expand support of our local retailers, and advance partnerships with city and county businesses.”
Joel Brennan, president and CEO of Discovery World Science & Technology Center, agreed with the potential long-term value for all involved.

“You don’t get to the long-term stuff without dipping your toe in the water,” Brennan said. “This can be the beginning of an impactful longer-term partnership.”

For Discovery World, the partnership with Port Washington is a way to bring in revenue to help finance an expensive asset of the museum as well as an opportunity to turn the schooner into more of a regional attraction, he said.

“It is always a positive to advance learning opportunities and educational partnerships and increase awareness of regional assets, and this is a chance for us to do so at all levels within the City of Port Washington, surrounding communities, and neighboring counties,” Brennan said.

“It’s an opportune time right now because there’s so much happening in Port,” he continued. “To have the Denis Sullivan be on site in Port for a number of days in Summer will help us really make a better connection between the Sullivan, Discovery World, the City of Port Washington, and residents and visitors from elsewhere.”

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