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Author: Brett Larson

Sept. 18, 2018

Worth The Drive

Today on Worth the Drive we are going to be looking at a unique restaurant located here in Port Washington, Inventors Brewpub. This restaurant is located in the former Legion hall. The owner, Adam, put a lot of time, thought, and creativity into renovating the building into an amazing and extremely unique restaurant and brewery. From the handmade "Community table" to the penny bar and everything in between. This includes handmade chandeliers, artwork made out of barley, paintings of the brewing process, and the "game corner" the atmosphere is fun, welcoming, unlike any restaurant I have ever been in before. To fully appreciate the significance of Inventors Brewpub you have to look at the history of its location.

In 1847 the Lakeside Brewery opened in Port Washington, WI, one year before Wisconsin became a state. It then became the Port Washington Brewing Company in 1905 and after prohibition it officially was called Old Port Brewing Company. (Its Premo beer’s slogan was ‘The Beer that made Milwaukee Furious!') After closing in 1947, several of the old buildings were torn down but the newest addition still remains. Sometime thereafter the American Legion Post 82 took possession of this building located at 435 N. Lake St, Port Washington, WI. In 2017, Inventors Brewpub has been the current resident tenant since July 1, 2017.

Isn't that crazy??? Inventors Brewpub is carrying on the long tradition of brewing in Port Washington!

Not only is the restaurants' building extremely unique, what they have to offer is as well. It is a family-friendly restaurant and offers board games for families and friends to play with, bean-bag toss outside, and events such as "wheels" where anyone can come and hang out and bring a bike, car, or motorcycle. Another exciting and fun thing they do is playing all of the Packer games on a projection screen, what's better than watching the game on a huge screen and having a couple cold ones while eating some delicious food? Speaking of food, they offer great appetizers, sandwiches, burgers, as well as a Friday night fish fry and a dish you may never have heard of before called Poutine (fries, gravy, and cheese curds). In the pictures, you can see the order of Traditional Poutine I tried and let me tell you IT WAS AMAZING! I also tried their Jalapeno Bacon Brew-Tons that was absolutely delicious on their own but even better with any one of their dipping sauces. In addition to their amazing food, they also serve beer, they have their own beer they brew as well as draft beers, craft beer, Hard Ciders, and wine. As you can see from the pictures, they offer a flight so you can sample their different brews, and the flight actually comes in an airplane! They put a lot of time and effort into their brewing process to ensure great quality craft beer.

Overall Inventors Brewpub is an amazing and unique restaurant with a lot to offer! There is fun to be had for all ages and great quality food and drinks! This isn't the kind of restaurant to go to if your looking for super cheap food or drinks, but if you want good quality delicious food and great craft beer with an amazing history look no further because Inventors Brewpub is the place for you. So if you live near or far, Inventors Brewpub is worth the drive!

For more information, you can check out their site at inventorsbrewpub.com.