The Port Washington Chamber of Commerce is a coalition of area businesses, industries, organizations and professionals who pool their talents and resources to improve the economic, civic and cultural climate in our community. We are a membership driven association consisting of business people organized for the promotion of commercial interests. All businesses and organizations regardless of size or location are eligible to belong to the Port Washington Chamber of Commerce. Our dues are structured to encourage participation from all.

The Chamber is an advocate and service organization for business. We are here to encourage and promote a healthy and prosperous business community. We strive to work in a professional manner to provide planned support intended to promote and enhance the prosperity of each member. The Chamber is a vehicle that enhances the collaboration and synergy between Business, Government and the people. We respect and strive to understand the needs of our members. We are always working diligently to promote a sense of togetherness.

Our leadership principles are based on high moral ethics and sound character. We promote and encourage: trustworthiness, caring, citizenship, respect, responsibility, and fairness in the community. We remain successful by always listening to our members. Mutual effort and teamwork enhance the existence of our prosperous environment. Some of the benefits and value of being in such a group are: networking and promotional opportunities, resource referral, as well as group health insurance, special interest programs, educational seminars and much more.

The Port Washington Chamber provides a venue through which business professionals can take effective action for the progress and growth of their community. We encourage you to join the Port Washington Chamber of Commerce today and let us work for you!